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A Most Auspicious Day of the Year

One day in the future I will be able to tell my grandson why I chose today to be the most auspicious day of the year. For two reasons, a Birth, his to be precise and that of my book Aspie and Me. Today the artwork for the book cover finally was completed.

In regard to my Grandson, I am going to have to complete his part of the story later in the day.

Thankfully, I am on better form than yesterday. Still got to keep Aspie on check, ; 

ensure he doesn’t overdo exercise and I suddenly find my health in deterioration mode; walking into the kitchen with his muddy boots on then it will be a job for the cleaner.

Thankfully I could keep Aspie at bay and be my cheerful self since I was able to do everything I set out to do, organise my filing cabinet become far more organised than I had ever done before without using an Aspie  generated motto, ‘not in the mood, too tired, too much like hard work, can wait till tomorrow (procrastination)

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