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Going with the flow of the day

Don’t you find some days don’t seem to go your way? I feel this today even though my son called me to say HI Grandpa. So only half of yesterday was auspicious now today is that as well and something more and perhaps better in the long term to look forward to being a worthy grandfather. I decided he would call me Lolla.

I still have the memories of my Father enjoying taking both my sons for walks.

My father used to show both my sons all sorts of things, architecture designs from architraves to differently patterned pavements. As long as Aspie stays away from any of his daftness is all I have to watch out for. But hang on a moment it’s going to be a couple of years before we are likely to go out walkies just the two of us and perhaps longer.

Called into seeing Nigel in the local fitness shop where I get some of my health supplies he was telling me about the time it has taken to get over a recent chest infection and I was talking about my own septic type wound. How I just seem to susceptible to feeling a bit worn out so just watching to make sure Aspie doesn’t do some insane exercise regime that puts me back a few steps, that’s all I need, lots of more sniffles at night.

I am also wondering whether my relationship with feeling physically low is because of so much sugar I am depriving my body of and hoping what I am experiencing is more withdrawal symptoms than unwellness, will let you know in my next blog.

Was going to do some indoor climbing but as much as I would like to go out this time round am listening to my body.

It is difficult enough to learn a lesson that I just wish Aspie could have learned being injured in this time of our life can have serious consequences as we age. There is a moral in the story as I  think about all the swimming that I couldn’t do this last glorious summer in the sea all because Aspie didn’t think about the consequences of his actions. He might believe his mind is still in its youth but sometimes he just doesn’t see cautious being the safest option and I worry  that serious physical damage isn’t awaiting us in our retirement if he carries on with his present action plan.

Here Me in the ‘Aspie and Me story’, is taking control over Aspie’s actions disallowing any more damage like that that was sustained to my left shin six months later still not properly healed.

It appears from my ability to do a quick two-mile cycle combined with six running sprints that so far this morning I am hoping to continue my way back to health.

In fact will go on to say that upon waking this morning I went through my now everyday dietary regime, glass of water followed by a combination of a couple of table spoons of organic cider vinegar lemon in warm water to alkalize my system, followed by a shot of Kombucha another glass of water as my pre-workout drink. My after workout drink I am sipping slowly this morning; gluten free porridge cooked in Hemp Milk, frozen mixed berries, cherries, carrots, squash with green powder, a whole avocado, (my friend Durwin Linseed oil(Durwin introduced me to my editor who in-turn introduced me to my publisher Filament Publishing) some ginger and cinammon, peanutbutter flour, and @REVFOODS vegan protein powder with added combination of BCAA’s together with curcumin and other alkaline greens.

I normally consume about four to five grams of @LifeplanProduct low acid buffered vitamin C, @PhDNutritionUK L-Leucine to help with muscle performance  @ReflexNutrition digestive enzymes to aid digestion, @HelleniaUK Montmorency Cherry capsules to aid muscle recovery..

My food strategy can change pending the physical activity of any one day particularly if I include some cycling, swimming, calisthenics, indoor bouldering during any one given day. Not bad for a 64 year old who recovered from acute kidney failure a few years ago, walked into a Police Station to report Historical Sexual Abuse a couple of years ago, authored a book @AspieandMe and has now written a sequel.



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