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Aspie and Me the ups and downs of struggling with each day.


Sometimes I don’t like being Aspie, here are two versions of him, both are present with me because Aspie has made certain I have not begun the day with my morning ritual, some form of exercise, My day invariably will begin with a plan that would have been  completed the day before. Sometimes it feels like my life is totally in control by Aspie. The remedy would have been quite simple, get some fresh air and not be stuck in front of the computer screen from the moment I got up at 6.15am, that took a little bit of doing as well. My original intention had been to go for a swim then  view an auction in Salisbury and tour some book shops. Instead Aspie has reversed the decision.

Yes in a way I have got things done that he would have procrastinated with completed,  I had my bicycle stolen in central london while it was locked to a lamppost, made a claim and before had answered lots of email, so that is a good thing. However as this morning has proven, it’s nearly midday and I haven’t yet been for a swim and I can see in the distance this Demon creeping up on me; I know so well from experience if I don’t want Aspie to be in control of the day I have to find the ideal strategy.

so I better take back control, no more procrastination or face the consequences as Aspie traumatises me with memories of my past I would rather forget.

However, in my defence there are other factors that might be at play that is not making my life particularly easy I decided once and for all to go back onto my sugar free, dairy, free, gluten free vegan diet. I am attacking Aspie from every angle, want to show him there are better ways of doing things although the downside is him retaliating because he is outside of his comfort zone( the negative side of my relationship with him is being full of anxiety). Most certainly I appear to be lacking more energy than when I began the day. Anyway just had a 20 minute jump back into bed. I also wonder whether my concoction I made for breakfast might have something to do with my lethargy. A mixture of one large avocado, water and almond milk, one large egg, sprinkled with chia seeds and 20 grams of #fuel2Win Vegan Sport Raw Protein Powder, may be my gut just didn’t take too well to it this morning even though I took an hour to drink around 3/4 of a litre. I had already begun my day with a pint of water including cider vinegar and Bentonite clay.

Now that I am more rested and feeling more alert I will take the long route to the swimming pool walking there through Poole Park.  But actually I didn’t, decided it was too long a way. As it so happened by the time I had arrived only a third of a mile a way I was wondering if I was coming down with something. Had the sniffles even wasn’t so sure when I got into the pool. But after a number of lengths of swimming my favourite stroke, a real core powerhouse of an exercise, possibly one of the best to build a strong core and invulnerable back, that is resistant to most back aches and pains, the dolphin stroke. I had only been doing in for around six months but every week I go without getting into the pool and for a swim I feel I pay the price with an ache here and there. If I had to forgo every other exercise regime I would stay with the Dolphin; I believe it is my saviour, because I put remarkable taxing of my muscles, tendons and ligaments with all the exercise regimes I am doing, Calisthenics, HIIT, Cycling, Gymnastics, Horizontal Ladder(another favourite) only been practicing for six months although have to take care don’t rip my fingers to pieces caused by friction of moving hands from one bar to another.

Anyway did the Dolphin for about 30 minutes with plenty of short rests and my BCAA drink then spent another 20 minutes in the sauna doing a number of stretches including my favourite the full lotus. No I don’t do yoga regularly, you can read my book Aspie and Me and find how why I can do the full lotus.

I arrived back home feeling in good form mentally, endorphins doing their job properly, made myself four vegetarian sausages and then went on a 60 mile drive through wonderful Dorset countryside to the city of Salisbury for a small auction and to sell more of my books. I actually didn’t get to the book stores I had intended to but instead sold one to a friend who I knew wanted one.

This evening I was determined to eat a good healthy meal, one full of vegan protein including a mixture of gluten free pasta and mung bean pasta and on target now for bed time at 11pm.

Tomorrow it will be a couple hundred miles of driving and filming while I am driving, should be an interesting day. Need both my beauty sleep for some good calisthenics I am hoping to have strength for. In a couple of weeks time I am looking forward for my new documentary of my life and hopefully you will too?

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