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What giving up Sugar is really about

I read the following article on the BBC website. To me most of it is a lot of nonsense. In a way the Oxford food scientist makes sense. If you are wanting to give up on sugar you are doing it for a reason to improve the quality of your life. But if this woman, who looks pretty healthy and I have no idea whether she is #mentally healthy or not, free of #anxieties then so long as the food she is eating is not processed whether the #ingredients are likely to be full of #toxicity, then going sugar free may not be a necessity,

So you have heard all the #hype about giving up sugar, going sugar free guarantees great health benefits. I really depends on what your objectives are?

Now I must tell you I am by no means a nutritional coach but I have tried many different diets and at this moment in time I am hoping going on a more or less sugar free diet is going to give me the health benefits I would like to see develop. However, I am aware that these benefits are not likely to be an overnight affair, or for that matter a week or a month, it will have be at least three months and then doing my best to persist with the regime and not going back to old #habits. Many of these old habits occur at my Mothers home. She is 89 years old. Just as to give you an idea about Mum, this week she is making a party for her closest and dearest friend who is having her 98th birthday. This woman looks like the epitome of fitness, doesn’t need a walking stick or someone to help her do things just like my mother might complain about aches and pains and has her own health problems but this doesn’t stop her from going out into the garden and sawing some wood and doing the gardening she so much enjoys.

Now in the past I have been a serious sugar #addict. I could easily scoff a dozen fresh cream ¬†merringues, chocolate eclairs, fresh cream/custard slices. Then eat my favourite sandwiches and ply on the #peanutbutter in amounts that would have made #Elvispresley envious. So in my past has been littered with addictions. These addictions I may have more control of but they are here waiting for the idea opportunity when I have a lack of discipline. I was also brought up on #Jewish #cooking. No matter what I may give up even be on a #vegan diet when I am at home, when I am out I might occasionally indulge in eating cheese, #choppedliver(my grandmother made the best) and Chicken Knedlach soup. I will on occasion because of injury or have in the past when I have felt my #gut needs a little #healing turn to #Chickenbonebroth and I often will begin my day with #Benoniteclay and #collagen. Take for day for example by the end of it I would have done about 3 hours of hard exercise, my body will require some healthy ‘sugar’s, in its system otherwise unnecessary fatigue may set in.

Anyway getting back to this BBC article, what is your reason for wanting to be sugar free and do you have the determination to stick to it change your #mindset and reap the #health benefits. If you feel you are unhealthy, have #allergies and food intolerance, are having difficulty #sleeping and you feel going #sugarfree you could benefit there is no harm trying but you need to do for at least three months. You will need to be disciplined (without discipline you are likely to fail), go through the trials and tribulations of mental awe as your body fights you every inch of the way. Only after a determined period of time are you likely to see positive results.

Last week I decided to be more disciplined with my own diet and I’ve restarted my almost #sugar-free #diet, beginning day seven. However, knowing from my own experience, its not just about giving up sugar, its really about wanting a positive change in your #lifestyle, regular nights #sleep. So I am trying to set myself as limit, get to bed at 10pm overnight, this is possibly as great a challenge as giving up #sugar, getting sucked into too much work on my blogs or just watching some movie on #Youtube . Since I #exercise hard, much more than the average #fitness fanatic. This morning I began my day with some #Taichi, a dozen #sprints, a few minutes of #plyometrics a few #jumpingjacks, 65 #squats, several sets of leg raises followed by 60 ¬†minutes of my favourite Dolphin style swim followed by my own version of #Yoga stretching ¬†ending with 10 mins of indoor #bouldering and some of the following #calisthenic exercises. Tomorrow will just be a swim.

Since I ate at 8pm last night this means I have chosen to begin the day on a sixteen hour #intermittentfast. . Being that I will need to replenish my body with the ideal #nutrients my breakfast will consist of my own #homemade #smoothie mix, 2 large eggs, whole avocado, frozen berries and cherries, an apple, almonds, chia #glutenfree #oats. Iv’e already began my day having a pint of water with organic cider vinegar, organic is important because it contains the #Mother, an ingredient that benefits the gut. Dinner was two vegetarian sausages, gluten free pasta and evening snack was granola in almond milk.

I shall be into bed almost on target by 10pm other than sorting out a glitch on my website is keeping up a little later.

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