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Laurence Mitchell discusses personal life experiences living with Aspergers Syndrome

In the following video Laurence Mitchell discusses his personal life experiences living with Aspergers Syndrome. Amongst the joys living with Aspie, is the rewards his relationship with his personal life experiences living with Aspergers Syndrome carries; There is the good, the bad and the ugly and Laurence does his best to discuss how each of these impacts his everydaylife experiences.

The video was taken in the natural farmland at Durwin Bank’s The Linseed Farm possibly the only farm of its kind in the UK. Durwin and his team harvest the linseed plant click here to learn about how linseed(flaxseed in the US) is grown and how the raw linseed to which products derived from the linseeds can be of immense benefit to anyone diagnosed on the autism spectrum or with Aspergers Syndrome or related disorders. Durwin is a strong advocate of making use of nature to cure many of mankind’s ailments, reading his blogs will tell you more about how his oils can be of benefit to you as well as other  healthy beliefs.

Meanwhile Laurence Mitchell believes there should be no excuse for many of the unfit people who feel they cant afford a gym when getting out into the outdoors is free, so why no make use of the facilities nature provides. Watch out for the tree Laurence chooses to do some core calisthenics that is just one example of nature’s hospitality and perhaps a main criteria of the benefits of being on the Autism Spectrum, the ability to think differently, away from the norm. If you would like to learn more about Laurence’s book Aspie and Me then read the following blog or look at the video of his book launch here.

While Laurence discusses the positives Aspergers brings into his life he is so very aware of the negatives. The life challenges he has, the constant need to be on top of whatever can improve the quality of his life and this he does while talking throughout this video. Listen and watch out for the tips that can improve the qualtiy of your life or anyone you know or care about who has Autism, Aspergers or related conditions.

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