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A cousin’s fitness advice to action

One of my cousin’s who is of the same age as me sent me a message, it read, “a cousin’s fitness advice to action”. She  just happens to be a personal trainer just sent me a message. “please do not do some of your dangerous sports without supervision”. Fitness advice is a must if you want to keep fit as you age.

I have comments to make about her and fitness. Yes she is very fit. Has to be all about fitness given she teaches spinning and can really go over the top with her fitness regime yet expects me to accept her lip. She doesn’t know Aspie.

Having to live with Aspie in my life is also having to learn a new code of living by his rules and not anyone elses. I have to come on board with the decison making. Decide what is safe and what isn’t other wise he would just see what was my point of distruction. Did it a number of times when I was younger with severe consequences to my health. Meanwhile the following video will give you an idea what living with Aspie is all about.  Here I talk about my childhood.

Meanwhile these fitness regimes of mine are not going to stop. Where I have put a stop to Aspie’s antics, is his injuring me without thinking about the consequences of his actions like putting me into a state of painful misery because he had to believe he could do #parkour without any supervision. It is the supervision when necessary I have to be aware of. Well there will be no climbing erupting volcano’s again. This is one of the exercises my cousin thought I could injure myself doing but it is not as though I am many feet off the ground its a short fall less than a couple of feet. One one is seeing in these fitness is Aspie’s idea of keeping himself in peak fitness condition is doing these action type fitness regimes regularly, the question I have for him, what is his motive and is it to his benefit or mine?

This is another part of the same section of the above video a full length production will be screened over Christmas with a few enhancements.


A copy of my videos can also be found on the AspeiandMeMedia Page


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