is the author’s online self-help platform that accompanies Laurence’s Book Aspie and Me; where readers can engage with the book and analyze the story by searching through hundreds of comments that relate to incidents from Hartley’s life. Readers are encouraged to confront their own life challenges by evaluating these comments and comparing them with their own struggles.

It is for you if you want or need to understand what is it like to live with:
Asperger’s Syndrome; Autism; Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder; Obsessive Compulsive Disorder.
Suicidal tendencies.
Panic or anxiety attacks.
Thinking differently to other people.
Deep communication challenges.
No understanding of the consequences of your actions.
A serious lack of confidence.
Daily lifestyle challenges.
Inherent sensory issues.
Amplified or multiple sensory awareness and emotions.

This platform will help readers to learn modern tactics to ensure their child’s safety from all types of abusers, to know the signs to look out for and what to do about it. The author intends to help the lives of people with similar life challenges and to inform acquaintances, employers and friends about their condition. He hopes that parents, teachers, psychologists, medical profession, police force, social services staff and supportive institutions will be able to tap into the story and to help people develop life skills they might otherwise not be aware of.

This story will give hope to people with similar conditions or people who have been labelled with unnecessary and unwanted labels. Anyone who has faced any form of abuse will be able to learn what those life skills are to help themselves or other people overcome their life challenges. This book may help parents to learn modern tactics to ensure their children’s safety; know the signs to look for; and what to do about it.

The following are a sample of what you  can do here at www Aspie and Me

You can interact with the Aspie and Me story.

Read  comments that analyse incidents, situations. 

Look at alternative strategies.

Learn modern tactics to ensure your children’s safety.

Know the signs to look for and what to do about it.

To help you on your journey Laurence encourages you to make use of the online chat where he will try to answer all of your questions and give you his personal recommendations based on more than ten years of researching the human condition. Just remember online chat is sitting there waiting for you to ask your question?