“A totally unputdownable book. You have pointed a torch at some dark areas of the mental health spectrum with humour and humility. A seminal work on the subject of what it actually means to be different.  This book is an amazing achievement and one that will help so many people.”

Durwin Banks, The British Linseed Farmer

This unique book reveals what it is like to live with Asperger’s, with an “Aspie” in your life; someone who thinks differently to everyone else and is thus vulnerable. Throughout a life of abuse, bullying, tragic loss and social exclusion, Hartley has to fight an almost ceaseless battle with what he calls his “demon mind”, his Aspie.

This book is for you if you are a reader who loves to explore alternative ways of thinking and complex psychological thrillers.

Aspie and Me is a gripping story, based on  life experiences of this confused and tortured man throughout the development of his successful business in London’s antiques trade, his global travels in search of rare pieces, his marriage, the birth of his three children and his lifelong search for love and appreciation.

It is the story of a man who was groomed by a paedophile in his adolescence but who fought to survive his ordeal, without once emulating his evil mentor. The story expresses the fact that children and adults who are most likely to succumb to being victims are: those who think differently; are diagnosed on the Autism Spectrum; have the condition Alexithymia; or are yet to be diagnosed. It reveals the details of this adult’s ordeal, the life-changing burden it created and the methods he sought to overcome the many lifestyle challenges and issues he experienced.

This story will give hope to people with similar conditions or people who have been labelled with unnecessary and unwanted labels. Anyone who has faced any form of abuse will be able to learn what those life skills are to help themselves or other people overcome their life challenges. This book may help parents to learn modern tactics to ensure their children’s safety; know the signs to look for; and what to do about it. You can listen to Radio Interviews and Youtube videos by visiting the media page.

The following are a sample of what you  can do here at www.AspieandMe.com

You can interact with the Aspie and Me story.

Read  comments that analyse incidents, situations. 

Look at alternative strategies.

Learn modern tactics to ensure your children’s safety.

Know the signs to look for and what to do about it.

The author also encourages readers to take a look at his earlier website which takes readers on a surreal journey into the heart of the creative mind. If you are reading this book as a neuro-typical (non-autistic), you may begin to resonate with some of the issues the story raises and perhaps think that you are not so neuro-typical after all?

The author’s underlying message in this story is that society should no longer tolerate any form of abuse – be it within families or from employers or any other organisations – as more people make public their stories and if you are reading this book as a neuro-typical or Non-Autistic person, you may begin to resonate with some of the issues the story raises and perhaps think that you are not so neuro-typical after all?