A revised edition of Asdpie and Me  is due to be published at the end of March 2018.

Aspie and Me Book Launch Laurence talks about the story behind writing his psychological thriller Aspie and Me

The first edition launched on the 24th October 2017 at the Institute of Directors Pall Mall London. Laurence also talks about the development of his  Aspie and Me Self-Help Platform:

During the first decade after Laurence’s Diagnosis in 2002, he would often speak at various Autism relaed conferences. However more recently he resheares his scripts and delivers to his audience a well rehearsed speech whether they can learn many facets of his story to educate themselves and others they care about..

Laurence’s story began as a fictional autobiography that was eventually crafted with careful editing and communication with his editor Wendy Yorke whose input was invaluable. As Laurence mentioned Aspie and Me is the first novel in a line of books that are to have cliff hanger endings. There is at least another book in the pipeline as well as illustrated children’s books .

In this first edition the chief character Hartley looks back at his relationship with his Aspie Self and blaming him for everything that went wrong in his life. The second of his books will be looking at Hartley’s life from Aspie’s perspective. If your interest is to read more about the then click here or to watch the introductory video click here.