So what can you find in this section? 

Hi I’m Laurence and if you have arrived onto this page, here you can learn more about me as well as  stuff I really enjoy, loves to do be it keeping fit or keeping my mind active and healthy and my personal recommendations; Enjoy…………….

I’m a fan of physical fitness, a necessary component towards a healthy mind or vice-versa.

Throughout my journey since I learned I had an Aspie sharing my life this section is illustrative of a very valuable reason I would not want him out of it. It is the out of the box wacky ideas that I could never contemplate not having a relationship with.

When I was much younger  at school I was quite athletic although I did not like participating in outdoor sports like football or Rugby, much preferred yoga that appealed to me in my teens although with what I am doing these days I wish I could have taken  an interest in Gymnastics and have an even more supple body than I already have. While it pains me to see what I could have achieved but I missed out on, all sorts of sports and fitness activities at least I have Aspie to recreate what now is missing and likewise I hope you may be able to do the same.

The following are a number of videos showing Me practicing Calisthenics. To all of you bods who might be of a similar age to me, 45 year old, actually if I be candid possibly the fitness level of someone much younger. If you would like to follow my example you need to say to your Aspie if Laurence can do it so can I and remember these videos I am posting were all take from the beginning of 2016 and unless stated otherwise not during much earlier years.

October 2017

I developed my interest in #Calisthenics when I became a member at my indoor climbing club at Project climbing and then was recommended to Gymnastics. But what really helps me develop my core is swimming Dolphin Style.

The following videos were taken during this month. Now just to allow you any of you out there who may be lazy bones or just think you are too old for this stuff or think that once you have left the child in you behind makes no sense in recovering him/her. I encourage you to think differently and see your youthful looks and spirit return because that is primarily what good health can do for you.

While I am no match for any professional what Aspie does enjoy is get recognition for his achievements. TSaturday 21st October 2017

People often say I have a wandering mind and while I do admit it can and does interfere with my focus it has its benefits too. This is what is important to consider if you know anyone you care about who has a label attached that defines a condition. You will find me emphasising the importance of why the label is there in the first place; to offer you or anyone you care about emotional support when required.  Labels associated with your or people you care about health are only to meant to be given person supporting attention  when something occurs that is detrimental to your/their health be it mental of physical.

Some years ago I was to meet a life coach, his name Rasheed, Rasheed is known to many to help them reap a more rewarding life and he certainly helped me understand more about who I am. The only challenge I had was not really understanding how much of an interference Aspie was going to be in my life. More to the point I really did not know how I could enhance Aspie’s situation to help me improve the overall quality of our life together. I am a firm believer that Aspie should not be labelled as part of the Autism Spectrum Disorders because Aspie’s have a unique part to play in our lives and ever Aspie is unique as in a way you all are. In my opinion everyone on the planet has an Aspie in them. Your Aspie is what makes you unique  and who you are (hope this is making some sense to you). Your Aspie is the creative part of you, has the ability to show where your talent strengths lie. In some of you, your Aspie enjoys being spontaneous but this is an area where you have to watch out, be careful not to be tripped up physically literally, not seeing an object directly in front of you and you injure yourself or mentally when you say something inappropriate or your mind wanders and the person(s) you may be conversing with wander if it is them you are talking with. This is where examples of goodness may stem from.

With the help of my life coach, Rasheed Ogurlaru  I created Life without Labels. so that anyone who visited would get a better idea of how their Aspie was capable of taking them on a surreal journey into the heart of the creative mind as well as nurturing their  Aspie to source strategies for whatever  anxiety surfaces in their lives.

The following four pages, peaceful mind, flowing mind, troubled mind, dangerous mind can you or anyone your know or care about  develop mindfulness techniques.  Another of my endeavours was to create a far superior self-help lifestyle platform that has much information about the Autism Spectrum. Sadly the costs involved became prohibitive and I leave it up in the hope on day someone comes along and says, “Your website is a great idea lets see how we can take it further”.Life Beyond Labels,  facilitates building ideal labels where readers can link their labels to create their own music and videos and much, much more.

The following are links to the intense research, from conferences attended and volumes of research papers read, that I have undertaken in quest to try understand as many facets of the Autism Spectrum as I possibly can.

A selection of links to further information about Autism Spectrum Related Disorders. 

Life Beyond Labels About Autism Wall 

IMFAR attendees University Research Posters

About Aspergers Syndrome

I was impressed by this article discussing toxicity on the road and it made me think about how much truth could be said that the condition of the emissions from your vehicle (US automobile) could be responsible not just for your overall health but also any health symptoms you and your children may be experiencing that may also be exasperating Autism and related symptoms too!  Here’s the article