The following are just are a selection of links that Laurence has had a look at and is recommended reading if it is your interest together with a brief  summary of each link. Please be aware some of the links may contain strong language and sexual information, parental guidance should be undertaken in the case of the need to explore all related links.

Links that have a relationship with Aspie and Me Book

This may happen to you if you do this; Jumping into a Volcano You will have to read the story to see whether Aspie meets with a similar fate.

This is just one talent of Aspie’s

Autism Friendly

An interesting article by Temple Grandin posted around the time of Laurence’s diagnosis in 2002; why the world needs Asperger’s?

About Asperger’s Syndrome

Imaging the Aspergers brain

Asperger’s Disorder and Criminal Behaviour: Forensic Psychiatric Considerations.

This link will take you to an Autism Comic site

An ancient story about Autism

The following is a list of Autism related films or in America as they might say (movies)

Autism in the Prison System

Autistic defendants and prisoners are suffering at the hands of an out-of-date criminal justice system

Mental Health

Mental Health News

About mental health in the UK

Children’s section

A comprehensive approach to understanding Somatic Symptoms in and their impact on psycho social and emotional functioning in  Children


Understanding Alexithymia and Language Skills in Children

Adult Psychology

Laurence knows from experience the pleasantries and nasties that Alexithymia can be responsible for. Here is another Alexithymic’s view.

Alexithymics are likely to have a strong relationship with this article but you do not have to be diagnosed with Alexithymia to reap its benefits.

Your brain’s relationship with music.

Looking at Obesity

ADHD and Other related conditions

Sometime in an article is read a possible cure or remedy. From Laurence’s own experiences as much as he would like to believe that ‘cure’s can exist he is also a firm believer that one has to live a life and then say a cure has been found or not?

About ADHD and AHC


The following article talks about living and coping with depression with suicide.

Sexual Education

This link is particularly aimed at girls going through their adolescence and gives useful sexual health advice.  The right to say no:


A story from a Prostitute

Sexual Abuse

Gender Differences in the Impact of Child Sexual Abuse on Alexithymia, Dissociation and Self

A rather bias study; Recipe for a serial killer? Childhood abuse, autism and head injuries are more common in murderers, study claims. Violence against sex workers: ‘He was there to kill me

Sexual Offenders

An Investigation of Child Molesters and Rapists

Study: ‘Significant’ statistical link between mass murder and autism, brain injury

Sexual Practices that may be considered offensive to some people.

An article about sexual sadism and masochism